Friday, February 12, 2010

Variations On Old KIng Cole

Well I kind of like the bottom one? Not sure about the flourishes in the corners? Any opinions gratefully appreciated.

And this last one is a detail of the one on the main page. It's probably got better negative space and sort of concentrates on the important elements a bit more?


  1. Andrew You must have been standing in the GET ALL THE TALENT LINE in the heavens man!!! This is seriously delightful and delicious work. Amazing. I bow before your greatness. AWESOME WORK!!!!

  2. The top image is quite haunting. You have a distinct style which invokes intense emotions. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Andrew. Looking forward to more from you!

  3. Hya, thanks Vanessa and Cyn.

    Where is the the "I'm blushing' button.

    cheers again



  4. I absolutely love these--so so evocative and moody. I'm having a hard time describing where these pictures take me, but it's somewhere...some kind of fantasy world that reminds me how I felt reading certain books when I was a kid. I was kindof scared to go there, but it was really really alluring at the same time.....